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8 Year Old World Series Team

This weekend as we traveled to the State Tournament to watch the 8-year old All Star baseball team representing our city, I could not help but look back at all the years I coached baseball with so many good memories. I wore a shirt (not a suit for once!) that spoke to the 1999 Dizzy Dean World Series in which Heath and Jared (my sons) coached a great group of boys to win the entire World Series. In the sports world, it put Leeds on the map; however, the fellowship and the lessons learned (particularly discipline) were so important. Our 8-year old representatives of the City of Leeds proudly won a spot to play in the Dizzy Dean World Series! I know you are saying well here it comes; yes, we need money. I am proudly asking you for a donation of any amount to help get these boys there! Please e-mail me ( with pledges and whatever you need to facilitate your donation; further information will be provided at that time.

Dickie Drake

10 year old Dizzy Dean District 1 Champions,
10 year old Dizzy Dean Area Runner‐Up and
Currently #4 in State fighting tonight and tomorrow night for STATE CHAMPIONSHIP

These boys have had 3 hour practices 3 to 4 times a week. They skip swimming during the day to play a game at night!
They are a group of boys who not only love the game but they play the game with skill and heart. When one player gets
down the other 11 pick him up! If you have not watched them play, I promise you are missing out! They leave it all on
the field every game.

With the families having to self fund the overnight expenses to State in Scottsboro this past weekend we are raising
money for the World Series Trip in South Haven Mississippi starting July 21, 2017.

Please consider helping these boys go put Leeds, Alabama on the Baseball Map!

No amount is too small. We have set up or you can write a check to
LYAA (Leeds Youth Athletic Association) and feel free to call or text Heather Jones at 205.966.7329.

This message is brought to you by the Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information about Leeds, Alabama, the Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce and how the Chamber can support your business, please contact Sandra McGuire, Executive Director, at 205.699.5001 or

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