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Corporate Ambassador Luncheon

Corporate Ambassadors for the Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce meet monthly on the third Wednesday of each month at 11:30 AM at the Chamber office. Lunch is $10 and an RSVP is required. In addition to covering Chamber business and assignments at each meeting, business building information is shared and each attendee is given a few moments to share information about themselves and their company.

 Sandra McGuire, Executive Director, educating Ambassadors

Sandra McGuire, Executive Director, educating Ambassadors

This monthly event is a great opportunity to meet Sandra McGuire, Executive Director, Corporate Ambassadors and Board Members. You will learn more about the Chamber, business building information, the Leeds area community/events and how you can participate with various teams and projects.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Sandra McGuire, Executive Director, at the Chamber office at 205.699.5001 – or Dona Bonnett, Ambassador Chair at 256.345.3993 –

Phone: 205-699-5001 - Fax: 205-699-1777

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