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Job Opening at The WellHouse

Job Opening at The WellHouse: General Position Summary

Responsible for supervising office procedures and resources to facilitate organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Responsible for all aspects of TWH Bookkeeping, payroll, HR, insurance, and tax and grant reporting. 30 expected hours per week.

Essential Function:

* Manages office operations and procedures, both internally and externally, to maintain a professional image.
* Designs, updates, and implements office policies, standards and procedures in coordination with the Program/Operations Officer.
* Makes bank deposits and provides deposit info to ED, P/OO, selective board members, and Development personnel.
* Utilizes online QuickBooks to pay bills and maintain accounting
* Provides monthly financial reports to ED, P/OO and Board Treasurer by the 10th of the month.
* Works with the ED to ensure that the monthly request of the VOCA grant funds is made accurately and on time
* Works with ED to oversee HR issues to include providing all documents to new employees, preparing a file for each employee and advertising for available job position
* Works with ED to ensure appropriate handling of all insurance matters
* Ensures that matters related to Workmen’s Compensation are handle appropriately and timely
* Works closely with payroll company to close out payroll at the end of each payroll period
* Facilitates all tax returns via outside accountant as well as yearly audits.

Job Scope:

Performs duties under general supervision with little direction given, operating from established policies and procedures. Decisions are generally made within general company policy constraints, but may require independent problem solving or decision making or the guidance of Program/Operations Officer. Must be able to handle multiple duties, respond to changing priorities, completing tasks efficiently and in an organized manner.

Supervisory Authority:

Supervises the Office Administrator, indirect supervision of support service providers, volunteers and residents.

Interpersonal Contacts:

Has both internal and external contacts. The most common internal contacts are with staff and the board. The most frequent external contacts are with volunteers, insurance providers, accounting firm, IRS, VOCA personnel, and Workman Compensation personnel.

Specific Job Skills and Competencies:

* Excellent organization and planning skills and attention to detail
* Familiarity with computers, software and a minor understanding of IT/server/networks and other office equipment
* In-depth knowledge of online QuickBooks and bookkeeping techniques
* Mental ability to perform at highest level with little direction
* Physical and mental ability to run office and computer equipment, hardware and software
* Ability to read, write, and speak English
* Mental ability to conduct interpersonal interactions, gather information, analyze and solve problems
* Ability to prioritize work and work independently, and work on multiple concurrent tasks
* Ability to work as a team member, performing non-routine tasks as needed


A minimum of four years in office administration and bookkeeping experience required; experience with online Quickbooks for non-profits and a Business degree or equivalent a plus. Knowledge of data, administrative, and clerical management and procedures required

Job Type: Part-time

Thank you,

Britney Gonzalez
Bookkeeper/HR Department
The Wellhouse
PO Box 868
Odenville, AL 35120

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