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Miss Leeds Area Committee Wins Award

Congratulations to the Miss Leeds Area Committee for the award they received at the Miss Alabama Awards Luncheon this past Saturday.  Hayley Barber, Miss Alabama 2017, presented the award with  Sandra McGuire accepting it on behalf of the committee.

Miss Leeds Area Committee Wins Award-Congratulations for award they received at Miss Alabama Awards Luncheon last Saturday. Hayley Barber, Miss Alabama 2017

The Miss Leeds Area Committee was also nominated for several other awards (which we didn’t win) but still an honor to be nominated for.  They are as follows:  nominated for Best Website; Best Script; Best Set Design; Best Program Book of the Year and received 3rd place for Most Appearances and 3rd Place for Most Prizes Awarded.  All in all, it was a great day for the Miss Leeds Area Committee!


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